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Allen Tan - Internet Marketing Coach | Life Motivation CoachHey Friends,

My Name is Allen Tan. I am the Creator & Founder of eEntrepreneur Global, an incorporated eBusiness in Singapore focus on Internet Business Training & SEO Consultancy. I have been into internet marketing for the past 8 years. I came a long way to master all aspect of internet search engine marketing, SEO (search engine optimisation), Social Media Marketing & Online branding….

Throughout the years, I have many setbacks & failures, but i do have significant accomplishment, beside acquiring the skills and putting it into actions. I designed & managed over 100+ websites and sold globally to clients mainly in USA, Canada, UK, Europe, ANZ, Singapore and Malaysia. I also worked with SMEs & professional individual on web business marketing and SEO consultancy.

I have conducted workshops to over 50 professional individuals in Singapore on Internet marketing basics & how to empower their businesses online.… This brings me into my passion for success, and more….coming.

Besides being an Online Entrepreneur and Internet Marketing Coach, I am also a Certified NLP (Neuron Linguistic Programming) Practitioner and a Life Motivational Coach. I have been into various coaching and training program such as Philosophy of Success (POS). My Internet Business Coaching encompasses the techniques I learned in NLP course to enable and bring my participants to the next level of success.

How I build my Passion…

My background is in Electronics & Technology and I started off my career as an Engineer since 20+ years ago. As an engineer, I do what most Design engineer do; product design and development, and that is what i have been doing 20 years back… I have worked in multiple capacity from technical to marketing, business development, partnership and Merger & Acquisition.  I traveled more than 50% of my entire life… frustrated with the 9-to-5 hectic working life and the lack of freedom in social life.  That may sounds familiar to you…?  But I believed you too!

Mastering Search Engine and Online Marketing Learning Experience…

In 2007,  I came across an article which changes my belief and thoughts. I decided to put myself into that Pave of creating and building my own passion as a Professional online entrepreneur.

I have invested huge among of money on multiple e-books, seminars and software to acquire the skills to create my own passion and financially free lifestyle… One of my favorite Quote of Success –“The Greatest Barrier to Success is the Fear of Failure….”

Since then, I built created and sold 100+ websites and blogs, starting from scratch with no mentor… I built SEO pages and Rank #1 on Search Engine and conducted Basic Online Marketing Training courses in Singapore.

The #1 Reason I find Why Most People Do Not Achieve Success are:  NO Plan, NO Action and Lack of Mentorship. I personally believed if you have the desire to learn with an open mind, you will find your own Success one day…

My Personal Vision & Passion as an Online SEO Consultant and Coach…..

My passion surrounds anything related to technology. Internet is an amazing Technology that connects people and the world together. That’s how social media brings people closer into the internet community.

My desired for success is much more into technology, but into building a network of like-minded individuals who has the passion for success. That’s why I created eEntrepreneur Global and eEntrepreneurs Club; a Club which build a network of Internet Entrepreneur.

I am keen to work with SMEs, and Like-minded Individual like yourself who has the passion to create success in your own market. My personal motto is: “Transform Your Life, Live Your Dream!”

If you are a professional individual in any your industry, network marketer, students, Retiree, Work-at-home Mom or Dad, and you have the PASSION and Desire to Learn and Grow Your Network and Business, what you need to do is to Take ACTIONS.

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To Your Success!

Allen Tan

Founder of eEntrepreneur Global
Enneagram Executive Coach & Certified NLP Practitioner
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